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P. 9

313	 History and Art

320	 A Look from Outside on Contemporary Chinese Culture

	 Kahn-Ackermann /Germany / China Special Representative of Stiftung Mercator

331	 Existence and Influences鈥擟hinese Ancient Culture and Background

	 GE, Jianxiong /China / Senior Professor of Fudan University, historical and cultural scholar

338	 Home Village Awareness in Han Dynasty	

	 BU, Xianqun /China / Director of the History Department of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the Chinese Research
                                     Society of Qin-Han History

344	 Etymology and the Cognitive Psychology of Chinese Character Recognition	

	 Richard Sears/ USA/ Creator of
                                    School of Economics and Management at Beijing Normal University, expert in etymology

350	 Changes of China鈥檚 Images in the Eye of Kazakhstan (Eighteenth Century鈥擳wenty-first Century)

	 Nabizhan Mukametkhanuly /Kazakhstan/ Director of the Sinology Center of the School of Oriental Studies and Director of the
                                                          Institute of Modern China at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Director of the
                                                          Institute of Modern China

356	 China Image in Cultural Spread

	 Barry Swersky/Israel / Founder of the China Research Center of Tel Aviv University, expert in the Rothberg International School of
                                    Hebrew University of Jerusalem

362	 Chinese Stories鈥擲peaking from the 鈥楧ragon鈥?
	 Zhang Yuyan /China / D irector and Researcher of the Institute of World Economy and Politics in the Chinese Academy of Social

370	 Cultural Context of Chinese Contemporary Art

	 FAN, Di鈥檃n /China / President of China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Vice Chairman of China Artists Association, Vice
                                   Chairman of Chinese Critics Chinese

379	 Know More About the CPC

	 ZHANG, Weiwei /China / Senior Research fellow at the Centre for Asian Studies of International Relations at the Geneva
                                           School of Diplomacy, Director of Institute of China Studies of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences,
                                           Distinguished Professor and Director of Centre for China Development Model Research of Fudan

383	 Literature and Translation

387	 Understanding China through Literatur2e3鈥擣rom Lu Xun to Mo Yan

	 Kishi Yoko /Japan / Honorary Professor of Waseda University, scholar of Chinese literature
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