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P. 8

222	Risks in the Construction of the 鈥淭wenty-first Century Maritime Silk Road鈥?and How to
          Avert Them

	 LI, Guoqiang /China / Party Secretary and Vice Director of the Institute of Chinese Borderland Studies	

231	 The 芦Great Silk Road禄: Economic and Cultural Cooperation Elements	

	 Khayrulla Umarov, Uzbekistan / Vice president of the Tashkent University of Information Technologies	

240	 Study on 鈥淥ne Belt One Road Initiative鈥?
	 WANG, Yuzhu /China / Researcher of the National Institute of International Strategy in Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
                                        Director of the Regional Cooperation Researcher Center
                                        Vice General Secretary of Chinese Association of Asia-Pacific Studies

246	 Turkey鈥檚 Perception of China and Chinese Cultural Investment	

	 Eyup Saritas /Turkey / Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eyup SARITAS

256	 The Connotation and Influence of Chinese 鈥極ne Belt One Road Initiative鈥?

	 HAN, Feng /China / Vice Director of the National Institute of International Strategy in
                                    Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Director of the Australia
                                    Studies Association of China

262	 Development and Strategies of Chinese Cultural Innovation under the New Normal	

	 XIANG, Yong /China / Vice Director of the Institute of Cultural Industry, Professor of the
                                       School of Art in Beijing University	

269	 International Cultural Trade and the Image of China	

	 WEI, Pengju (China) / Director of the Institute of Cultural Economy in Central University of
                                      Finance and Economics

275	 Why China Needs US Troops in East Asia	

	 Robert Pape /USA / Professor of Political Science at the University of Chicago,expert of international relations theory

290	 Africa鈥檚 Post 2015 Agenda and Vision 2063: Is there a Role for China?

	 Humphrey Moshi /Tanzania / Professor of University of Dar es Salaam

306	 Thailand and the 21st Century Maritime 鈥淪ilk Road鈥?

	 Prapin Manomaivibool /Thailand / Academician of the Thailand Royal Academy, Director of the Institute of Asian Studies and
                                                   Professor of Literature at Chulalongkorn University, Chairman of the Thailand Chinese
                                                   Language Teachers Association

310	 鈥?the road 鈥?toward a deeper understanding

	 Ambassador Mahmoud Allam /Egypt / Member of Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs 鈥楨CFA鈥? Cabinet Minister鈥檚 Advisor for
                                                       International Cooperation

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