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107	 Promoting Mutual Comprehension by Learning from One Another鈥檚 Civilization	

	 XIONG, Chengyu /China / Tsinghua University Professor
                                            Tsinghua University Academic Committee Commissar
                                            National Cultural Industry Research Center Director
                                            School of Journalism and Communication Academic Committee鈥?Director

115	A Comparative Study of the Sino-African Cultural Heritage and Indigenous Knowledge Systems

	 MOTSHEKGA, Mathelo /South Africa / South African Congress Judiciary Committee鈥?Chairman
                                                          Carla Heritage Research Institute鈥?Director

124	Five Dimensions to Understand China鈥檚 Cultural Images

	 SHEN, Zhuanghai /China / Director of the School of Humanities and Social Science, Wuhan University

134	 Historical Origin of Sino-Hungary Relations: Stories or Facts?	

	 P茅ter V谩mos /Hungary / Researcher in Hungarian Academy of Sciences	

145	The historical roots of 鈥渢raditionally good鈥?Sino-Hungarian bilateral relations: myth or reality?

	 P茅ter V谩mos/ Hungary / senior research fellow
                                       Institute of History, Research Center for the Humanities, Hungarian Academy of Sciences	

157	Chinese Nationalism and Confucianism in the International Community	

	 JU, Zishan /Korea / South Korea National Diplomatic Academy China Research Center
                                  Visiting professor	

161	 The Continuous Inheritance of Chinese Culture: Emulating the Sages	

	 Kahn-Ackermann /Germany / HUANG, Renwei /China
                                              The Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Co-director
                                              World Sinology Forum Secretary-general, class-two researcher

166	 The Emergence of Modern Chinese Literature and the Translation of Foreign Literature	

	 LU, Jiande /China / Director of the Institute of Literature of CASS, Dean of the Division of Literature of CASS Literary Review and
                                  Almanac of Chinese Literature

183	 A Look from Outside on Contemporary Chinese Culture	

	 Kahn-Ackermann / Germany / China Special Representative of Stiftung Mercator

191	 'One Belt One Road Initiative' and Regional Relations

203	 Russian Sinologists鈥?views on the Development of Chinese Political System	

	 Dmitry Smirnov/Russia / Director and Researcher of the Institute of Far Eastern Studies of Russian Academy of Sciences

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