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27	 The 2015 鈥淪inology & Contemporary China鈥澛燜orum Opening Speech

	 DING, Wei /China / Ministry of Culture Vice-Minister

31	 The 2015 鈥淪inology & Contemporary China鈥澛燜orum Opening Speech	

	 ZHANG, Jiang /China / Chinese Academy of Social Sciences鈥?Deputy Dean

36	 The 2015 鈥淪inology & Contemporary China鈥澛燜orum Opening Speech

	 Mr. Wright /England / British Academy China Committee鈥?Chairman
                                      Sheffield University East-Asian Studies Department鈥?Professor	

39	 The China's International Image and International Relations

44	 The Cultural Origins and Influence of Chinese and Western Views on World Order

	 ZHENG, Yongnian /Singapore / National University of Singapore East-Asian Studies Institute鈥?Professor and director

53	 The Key Role of Think Tanks in Contemporary Sino-American Relationships

	 LI, Cheng /United States / The Brookings Institution John Thornton China Center Director

60	 The Reform of China鈥檚 Economic System	

	 OU, Ande /Russia / The Russian Academy of Sciences鈥?Far East Institute Researcher and Deputy Director
                                  The Russian Academy of Sciences鈥?Far East Institute鈥檚 Chinese and East-Asian Society and Economic Research
                                  Center Director

66	 The Great Strategy of the 鈥?3th Five-Year Plan鈥?

	 HU, Angang /China / Tsinghua University National Research Institute Dean
                                     Tsinghua University Institute of Public Administration Professor	

73	 Chinese Business Cards: Five-Starred Red Flag, Confucius and Pandas

	 LI, Junru /China / C entral Party School of the Communist Party of China
                                 Former vice-president, researcher, and doctoral thesis supervisor

81	 The Traditional Culture of China and the Chinese International Image

	 YAN, Xuetong /China / T singhua University Institute of Contemporary International Relations鈥?Director
                                       World Peace Forum Secretary-general

88	 The Image of China in the World

	 Johnny Montalvo / Per煤 / Professor of law,Director of the Institute of Cooperation and Development in ESAN; Law expert

96	 The World of the Forbidden City; the World鈥檚 Forbidden City	

	 SHAN, Jixiang /China / National Palace Museum鈥?Curator	

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